Discover the #1 System for Designing Transformational Online Trainings
...Even if you've never created or led virtual workshops or programs!

The “secret” to growing your business and effectively serving your clients in this new era is to transform your in-person workshops and trainings into transformational virtual programs that deliver BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS...


Discover the #1 System for Designing Transformational Online Trainings
...Even if you've never created or led virtual workshops or programs!

The “secret” to growing your business and effectively serving your clients in this new era of social distancing is to transform your in-person workshops, programs and services into virtual events and trainings that deliver BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS...

Dear Coach/Trainer ... How Would Your Business Change If You Were Leading Online Programs That Were MORE Engaging And Effective Than Your In-person Workshops And Services EVER Were?

Virtual programs that elicited responses like this one from Lynn...?
Or Gregory...?
Or Shannon...?

...Because that’s exactly what you will discover in the 5-Day Transform Your Training Challenge.

Starting On April 11th, We're Going To Show You the Secret to Designing Transformational Online Trainings with the EXACT Method We Use For Ourselves and Our Private Clients...

Let's face it. The world of personal and professional education is now DIGITAL FIRST.

Whether serving your clients is via fully online programs or hybrid (online + in-person) programs...
It's critical at this time to develop skills in how to effectively design & deliver online offerings.

f you are a coach or consultant who has been struggling with moving your programs to the virtual medium...you’re about to discover WHY what you’re doing isn’t working, WHAT you can do differently, and HOW to actually do it!

You’re going to learn how to:

  • Launch or enhance your virtual programs and services without wasting lots of time and money in the process
  • ​Break free from static, stay-in-the-box Zoom sessions that don’t keep your participants’ attention
  • ​​Debunk the myths and avoid the mistakes that result in lackluster programs
  • ​​Structure your online offering so that it’s highly engaging and wows your participants
  • Create real connection and depth even in the “isolated” virtual environment
  • Discover our hacks for overcoming tech resistance and overwhelm
  • Integrate the 3 critical outcomes you need to include in your online training 
  • Regain control over your own success by creating a business that thrives whether you're offering fully virtual programs or hybrid (online + in-person) programs!
  • ​​​​Create a Virtual Event Plan—your customized roadmap for success
  • Overcome the mental block of designing and delivering in the virtual medium (hint: delivering highly effective, transformational programs isn't a concern when you build your online offerings the right way)

If you’re a coach, consultant or business trainer of any kind who wants to serve more people, make a real contribution and earn good money doing it, or become a recognized leader in your field, this 5-Day Challenge could be the MOST important training you ever participate in. 


There is no easy path to success, and if that’s what you’re looking for, we can’t help you.

What we're going to be teaching you will take some effort.

And, yes, even though it’s a heck of a lot easier when we give you examples of what’s worked in our virtual trainings, as well as our client's, that you can simply model...

And even though we’ll be removing most of the guesswork, since our method has already been proven...

You're going to have to actually do some work!

And if you do, and you follow the best practices we're going to lay out over these 5 days…

The results can be MASSIVE and life-changing.

Who Are We And Why Should You Care?

Our names are Licia Rester and Mark Samuel, and we have consulted Fortune 500 companies, leading institutions, and non-profit organizations for decades, including...

Our speciality is Designing and Leading Transformational Workshops, Trainings, and Programs that deliver BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS.

In response to the pandemic and the massive upheaval from social distancing restrictions, we joined forces and turned our focus from consulting bigger companies and institutions to also coaching individuals—consultants, coaches, trainers, and workshop facilitators.


Because we want to empower those who support others' transformation. 

We recognize how difficult it can be as a coach and trainer to make the shift from in-person to online, and we want to support you in doing it efficiently and successfully...

So that you can help others at a time when the world needs YOU the most!

Coaches Like Ines...

And Angela...
And Sanya...
And Emmeline...

Here's the Big Secret About Virtual Training

You can design and deliver virtual events that are engaging, deep, and transformational for your participants, and which naturally provide the vehicle to higher-ticket sales. 

You do NOT need to compromise the effectiveness of your workshops, programs, and services when you pivot to virtual.

However, without knowing how to design to the strengths of the virtual environment, most online offerings default to virtual’s weaknesses, resulting in stagnant and fatiguing video conference sessions.

99% of coaches and trainers think that virtual events attended by disconnected, distracted participants who experience lackluster results is as good as it gets. 

And that’s because most virtual events are poorly designed and executed. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

Virtual Event Design & Delivery Is A New (And Old) Field

Do you remember 15-20 years ago when businesses realized that they needed a website? 

We watched as every business raced to put up their printed materials online and call it a “website.” 

But it wasn’t a really effective website—it was just brochureware.

It looked bad. It was flat. And it didn’t have any sense of what we now know as user experience (UX) design.

Well, that’s where businesses are right now with virtual events. Everyone has been forced to move their in-person workshops, programs, and services to the virtual medium.

But just like with brochureware back in the day, very few people understand how to design specifically for the online medium.

And, it’s RISKY to spend effort, time and money without knowing how to create an effective online offering. 

But, just like back in the day, there are a few of us who DO know because we’ve been working in the e-learning arena since its conception. 

We’ve had the time to make the mistakes, to try new approaches, and to develop best practices that are tried and true.

So even though virtual training is new for most...it’s been around for a while.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of the group who knows how to do this well? 

If you are, the next thing that will naturally happen is…

You'll Serve More Clients, More Effectively

If you were able to deliver online offerings that provided breakthrough results to anyone anywhere in the world, what impact would that have on your ability to serve your clients?

Profound positive impact, right!!

Look at how this could move the needle for your clients, your business, and you...

Your current clients would continue to be served with the high-quality, high-touch workshops, programs and trainings that they have come to know and trust you for.

Your business would expand because now your reach has exponentially grown. You can now serve anyone anywhere who is in need of your unique skills, expertise, and training—that’s a whole lot of potential clients! 

PLUS your online offerings become a natural sales vehicle for higher-ticket packages and services. 

And you would enjoy new and innovative ways to fulfill your purpose of making a meaningful contribution on this planet at a time when it is so deeply needed!


Yes, This Will Work For You, Too!

If you're a coach or consultant that leads personal or professional workshops and trainings...

You are in the Transformation Business.

And, though it seems counterintuitive…

The virtual environment is the ideal environment for supporting real and lasting transformation.

How can that be?

For many reasons, but let’s take a look at just one of them…

We call it the “Six-Feet Syndrome to Success Factor.” Meaning participants who attend virtual workshops are only about six feet away from the metaphoric (and literal) door to their life. 

Now, if you don’t know how to design for this factor, it can result in participants being distracted and half heartedly engaging—the Syndrome... 

But, when you design well, virtual becomes a natural environment for immediate application and integration of the skills you’re teaching—the Success Factor

Bottomline: You CAN design for the innate strengths of virtual with our proven method, even if you have never designed or delivered virtual trainings before. 

Here’s What You Need To Know

  • DAY 1: Monday, April 11th - Surprising Strengths of Virtual Events
    Does your event have to be just another flat, in-the-box video conference? Absolutely NOT! But it does take freeing yourself from the Myths & Mistakes that most virtual event leaders are making. During this day we'll share the #1 Secret to offer truly Transformational Virtual Events.
  • ​DAY 2: Tuesday, April 12th - Enhancing Engagement
    We'll reveal exactly how to enhance your participant engagement and what you'll need to lead events that are fun and motivating! You'll be surprised at the different ways you can create the safety that promotes real depth and intimacy in a virtual environment.
  • DAY 3: Wednesday, April 13th - Creating Connection
    How can you possibly create real connection and intimacy in the isolated virtual environment? Not only is it possible—but you can even support greater connection than in an in-person training! We'll share secrets that we've used to overcome "online angst" and get your groups feeling like family!
  • ​​DAY 4: Thursday, April 14th - Teaching Transformation
    Not so fun FACT: Without real transformation, most participants revert back to pre-training behaviors within 6-8 weeks. So, how can you design and lead virtual events that provide real and lasting transformation for your participants? On this day, we'll reveal to you the 5 Pillars of Virtual Event Mastery. Each of these 5 Pillars is critical for ensuring both the success of your virtual events AND the sustained transformation of your participants. 
  • DAY 5: Friday, April 15th - Preparing Your Plan 
    Why do learning objectives actually work against you in the virtual environment? And what can you do to ensure that your workshop or program is translated in a way that maximizes participant satisfaction and growth? The answer lies in outcome-driven design. You'll learn about this overlooked yet critical component for success, and complete a Virtual Event Plan—your own customized roadmap of next steps for success!

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*Details of Early Bird Prize Giveaway: For three weeks prior to the launch on April 11th, we're pulling one registrant at random to win a FREE 1-HOUR Coaching Session with Licia or Mark (value=$1000+)! So, the sooner you register, the more chances you have to win! 


The Transform Your Training Challenge: Design Online Workshops with Breakthrough Results starts on April 11th.

Click on the button below to enroll right now for just $27! That's less than $6 per day!

Over the course of 5 days, we're going to teach you keys to designing and leading transformational virtual trainings that keep people engaged, inspired, and wanting more!

We're sharing with you the strategy and insights we’ve learned over DECADES of designing transformational online education coupled with BRAND NEW BEST PRACTICES developed to translate in-person workshops and programs to virtual events...for JUST $27. 

We're extending Friends & Family discount for just a few days, so save your seat now!

This Sounds Too Good To Be True

We know. 

And if money was our only goal, we would stick to consulting private business clients and charging tens of thousands of dollars...and more.

But our bigger purpose is to serve.

Our greatest joy is working together, utilizing our expertise and talents to authentically empower those who are dedicated to helping others.

And given what's going on in the world right now, that's more important than ever.

So we want to see you get real results quickly that you can use to create more momentum in your business and serve more clients who are in need of your skills and teaching.

And once you have a sense of how that works...who knows? Maybe you’ll want to continue working with us.

Our goal is to get you into momentum.

And whenever we do that...good things end up coming our way too.

So we're confident this will be a win/win for all of us.

How Do I Know This Will Work For My Business?

Collectively, we have over 7 Decades of coaching and consulting experience and have facilitated thousands of people...

So there’s a very high probability that we’ve worked with a team or individual in your niche.

We’ve facilitated and coached in every niche from:

  • Business
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Team-building
  • ​Productivity & Accountability
  • ​Personal Development 
  • ​High-Performance 
  • ​Health & Medical
  • Spirituality
  • ​Psychology
  • ​Women's Empowerment
  • Men's Empowerment 
  • ​Wealth
  • ​Funding & Investment
  • ​​Digital Marketing
  • ​Activism & Sustainment
  • Well-being

Just to name a few.

So there’s a pretty good chance we have more than enough insight to share with you to fully justify a $27 investment.

But we're happy to make this a completely risk-free offer for you.


We can understand how you might still be skeptical.

There are a lot of people making a lot of claims online these days…

And most of them can’t back it up with any real results or experience.

So we're not asking you to let your guard down.

Instead, here’s our offer:

We're going to give you a FULL YEAR to try out what we teach you, and if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

You’re getting 365 days to digest the strategy we're laying out…

Utilize our approach to transform your in-person workshops and programs to virtual events and trainings...

And then, of course, actually do the work and lead your online offerings...

If you do that and you don’t experience greater confidence in yourself and better results with your trainings during that year…

Just send us an email, and we’ll refund your $27...no questions asked.

What If I’m Not Tech Savvy?

Good news...you don’t need to be.

In fact, Mark has been afraid of tech most of his life.

This approach doesn't require you to be tech savvy...or even like tech.

Another Objection Handling Headline!!

A common practice in copywriting is to use subheadings like the one above to call out the reader’s biggest concerns.

We've done it several times on this page…

And, frankly, it’s very effective.

But the bigger question you should be asking yourself is, “Why are you trying so hard to find a reason NOT to invest $27 in something that could, literally, transform your business?”

Every successful business builder took a risk at one point or another…

Many of them had failures (us included) before having their big breakthrough.

And most of them would agree that one of the biggest reasons so many people fail to ever break through is MISSED OPPORTUNITIES.

Right now you have an opportunity to take a tiny risk (invest $27)...

And make a micro commitment to yourself (to actually do the work)...

So you can finally see what’s possible for you, your clients, and your business during this critical time.

And remember…

We're guaranteeing this will work for you, too...literally.

Don’t Wait And Risk Missing Out

This is a live challenge and we’re starting on April 11th.

We're pouring what we know, discovered, tested and refined into these 5 days.

You’ll be joining a community of coaches, consultants and trainers just like you…

Who are ready to support, encourage and celebrate each other so we all win together.

We invite you to join us and see what’s possible.

In service to your Success! 
Licia & Mark

P.S. In case you’re more of a “cut to the chase” kind of person… here’s what you need to know.

Over the course of 5 days, we're going to teach you…

  • Why this new, Digital First era of education will continue to grow, providing a perfect springboard to fulfill your calling to serve while enjoying a thriving business
  • ​How to utilize the secret strengths of the virtual environment, rather than defaulting to virtual's weaknesses (as most trainers are currently doing)
  • ​How to structure your training so that it provides real and lasting transformation for your participants
  • ​How to fast track your online design ability by learning the best practices, pro tips, and insights that we have developed over years of designing e-learning programs
  • Our Virtual Event Mastery Method that has supported breakthrough results for our clients and our businesses—even during the challenges of the pandemic. 
  • ​And a lot more!!

It’ll all be LIVE and taught by us personally.

The investment is just $27—but this special discount is changing soon.

If you don’t experience greater confidence and results with your virtual trainings in the next year, we'll refund your money.

So this is a no-risk offer to you.

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